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Update Announcements

RealFlight owners…Download FREE software updates with new aircraft, flying sites and more!

Now you can always have the most current version of RealFlight.

Our RealFlight Development team never stops working on new ways to keep RealFlight simulator fresh, exciting, and valuable for improving your skills. Updates let you enjoy their latest innovations without waiting for a new version — and what's even better is that they're available free via the Launcher's "Registration/Updates" option.




RealFlight Mobile

RealFlight Drone

RealFlight 7.5

RealFlight 7

RealFlight 6.5

How to Update

Online Updating Window with box labeled "Check for updates before starting RealFlight&quote; checked
When you check this box, RealFlight automatically looks for updates before starting. It's an easy way to make sure you always have the latest version.

Open your software's Launcher and click Additional Options. Select Registration/Update and click the "Check for updates before starting RealFlight" box. RealFlight will automatically search for new updates and download them for you. It's safe to say that keeping your copy of RealFlight current has never been easier.