We are pleased to announce RealFlight Trainer Edition version 1.00.025! This update adds new HobbyZone AeroScout training content as well as our first Steam achievements! These achievements target the beginning pilot. See below for more details on these and other changes. [b]Features[/b] [list] [*]Added training lessons featuring the HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m [*]Added achievements for each of the following: - completing all the AeroScout training courses - completing all the Apprentice training courses - completing all the Habu training courses - accruing 2 hours of total flight time - accruing 4 hours of total flight time [/list] [b]Improvements/Fixes[/b] [list] [*]Fixed an occasional crash when changing aircraft [*]Training lessons are sorted into tabs by vehicle [*]Integrated controller-related improvements from RealFlight 9.5S, including: - New radio profiles (see footnotes 1 & 2 below) - Better Spektrum DXS support - "Deadband Percentage" defaults to 0 (see footnote 3 below) - RealFlight displays a reminder to turn off your transmitter on exit when using a Spektrum WS1000/WS2000 dongle [/list] [b]How to Get It[/b] Steam will detect the new version and automatically update RealFlight when it thinks your computer is not very busy. You can trigger the update manually if desired by completely restarting Steam. Right-click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit. Once everything closes, run Steam again, and the update should complete. [b]Footnotes[/b] [u]Note 1[/u]: One of the great things about the NX series radios is that they can connect directly via USB cable without the need for any additional hardware. If you are connected this way, select the new "Spektrum NX series (Wired USB)" radio profile in the Select Controller dialog. (RealFlight will automatically default to this profile if it detects an NX transmitter.) On the other hand, if you connect your NX using a Spektrum WS1000/WS2000 dongle, select the "Spektrum Receiver (NX Series)" radio profile. [u]Note 2[/u]: Mode 1 users should also change the radio gadget display mode. From the main menu, select Gadgets -> Radio Mode (gadget only) -> Mode 1. [u]Note 3[/u]: This setting will not change automatically for users who have run previous versions of the software. You will need to change it manually if desired. (Resetting everything to defaults will also do it.) From the main menu select Simulation -> Settings... Then in the Settings dialog, select Controller in the left pane and adjust Deadband Percentage as desired.