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Where do I find the Activation Key for RealFlight G5.x?

RealFlight G5.x displays an Activation Key on your screen ONLY if the software fails to activate automatically across the Internet.

Please note: If you are able to run RealFlight G5.x, the software is already activated. If you are looking to register for access to the program updates, that process is located under the RealFlight G5.x Launcher (see "How do I download the latest update for RealFlight G5.x?").

If RealFlight G5.x fails to activate automatically, a Product Activation window will appear with the information you need to manually activate the software:



Activation Key: A five- to ten-digit number

With the above information, you can create an Activation Code for RealFlight G5.x on the Online Activation page from any computer or smart phone with internet access, or you can forward your information to Horizon Hobby Software Support so we can create an Activation Code for you.

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