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How do I assemble my system information for technical support?

You can assemble your system information through the RealFlight Launcher. Here is the procedure:

  1. Open the RealFlight Launcher.
  2. Select Additional Options.
  3. Select Technical Support (please allow several seconds for the Technical Support window to open).
  4. In the upper right of the Technical Support window, place a check mark next to "Include serial numbers in assembled system information…".
  5. On the lower right of the Technical Support window, select Assemble System Information.
  6. From the launcheroutput.txt window, select Copy to Clipboard.
  7. Paste the launcheroutput.txt information into a simple text file (Microsoft's Notepad works best).
  8. Attach the launcheroutput.txt text file to your email correspondence with technical support.

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