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When attempting to update my software online I continually receive a No Response from Server error.


  1. This might be due to the fact that the RealFlight software could not locate your serial number. If your controller is earlier than version 2.00.148, it is important to make sure that the RealFlight serial number appears in the Control Panel itself.

    To determine the version of the RealFlight Control Panel you will need to access the Control Panel itself. Click the Windows Start button, then move your cursor to the Programs item, and then to RealFlight. Select the RealFlight Control Panel, and then click the Technical Support button. The control panel version will be located in the lower left corner of the display. The version number will be preceded by 'Cp Version'.

  2. Have you recently installed the Windows XP Operating System? If so, please click here for additional solutions.
  3. Manually updating to the latest Control Panel will allow you to automatically connect to a secondary server once the program determines that the primary server has failed. Additionally, there is the option of manually overriding which server the program uses. To do so, click the Windows Start button, then move your cursor to the Programs item, select RealFlight and then select the RealFlight Control Panel. Click the Technical Support button followed by the Enter Tech Support Code and then type "USEBACKUPSERVER" (without using quotes).
  4. If your Control Panel is version 2.00.148 or later, then the server may be down. Please try to access the updates later. If the error message appears again, please Contact Us.

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