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Can I download the RealFlight Basic Manual?

A manual was not offered for RealFlight Basic.

RealFlight Basic was designed as a simplified "language free" R/C flight simulator that anyone can use, regardless of their native language. The aircraft, airports, and options in RealFlight Basic are accessed through the QuickSelect menu at the left side of the window:

QuickSelect menu
  1. The first option (airplane icon) displays the aircraft selection list.
  2. The second option (runway icon) displays the airport selection list.
  3. The third option (radio icon) displays an on-screen radio so you can see your stick movements without needing to look at the controller.
  4. The fourth option (binoculars icon) displays a binocular view so you can see the attitude of the aircraft regardless of its distance from you.
  5. The last option (quick exit icon) allows you to exit the QuickSelect menu (select the red X) or exit the simulation (select the green check mark).

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