STEAM Key Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of RealFlight serial numbers can be exchanged?

Only valid RealFlight 9 and 9.5 serial numbers, including those that came with DVDs or via digital download, can be exchanged for the Steam key to update to 9.5S at no charge. Those with earlier versions of RealFlight will need to purchase RF9.5S to upgrade.

Can I still use the serial number after exchanging it for a Steam key?

After successful exchange, you will no longer be able to use the serial number to activate RealFlight on additional PCs.

How many times can I exchange a serial number?

You can only exchange a valid serial number once. After successful exchange, you will be provided with the Steam key on-screen and by email. Save this key in a safe place until you redeem it on Steam. The Steam key can only be redeemed once.

Why can’t the exchange be completed after I submit the form?

Some reasons an exchange cannot be completed include attempting to submit an invalid or incorrectly typed serial number, a valid serial number that has already been exchanged, and others.

I am getting an error. Now what?

If you see the “We are unable to complete the exchange” message after submitting the form, make note of the “Support error code” number and contact our product support staff for more information here.