Due to the impact of Covid-19 some Flight School classes and locations may have restrictions due to requirements for social distancing. Please check with local coaches to confirm session availability and requirements for attendance.

How to Register for Horizon Hobby Flight School

Registration is now open!

Flight School connects you with an experienced RC flight coach in your area who will personally help you learn to fly your qualifying radio-control model airplane. Here's how to register for a session.

First, you should find a coach near you. Once you've confirmed there is a coach or class near you, you'll need an AMA 3-Month Trial Membership. The AMA membership is purchased like any other Horizon Hobby product — from a local participating hobby shop or online at horizonhobby.com. With your purchase, you'll receive a registration code. If purchased online, the code will be sent to you by email (please allow up to 1 business day for delivery via email).

When you are ready to submit your AMA membership application and sign up for an RC Flight School class, search for a class using the Find a Class tool. Once you find a class you'd like to attend, click the "register" button for that listing. You'll be taken to a form where you'll be asked for the information needed to complete your AMA membership application and the registration code you received. Upon successful submission of the form, we'll send you an email message confirming your class registration and forward your information to the AMA.

If there are no coaches in your area or you are not interested in a free class session, you may activate your AMA 3-month trial membership separately.

If you have any difficulties with registration, please contact us.