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What are dual rates?

"Dual Rates" refer to altering the rate of servo travel for a control surface on R/C aircraft (e.g. Ailerons, Elevator, and sometimes Rudder). Dual Rates consist of Low Rates and High Rates. Low Rates make the aircraft less responsive (i.e. easier to control), and High Rates make the aircraft more responsive (i.e. harder to control). Dual Rates are typically controlled by a toggle switch on an R/C transmitter.

In RealFlight, the aircraft control surfaces can be set up with Dual Rates. The switch you use to select Low Rates or High Rates depends on the controller or R/C transmitter you are using and personal preference. It is also possible to use a key on your keyboard to control Dual Rates. However, doing so is not realistic to R/C aviation.

Please note: Dual Rates are configured separately for each aircraft.

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