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How can I improve the performance of RealFlight G3 on my PC?


Improve overall performance in RealFlight G3.


Upon installation, RealFlight G3 attempts to optimize the configuration in order to achieve the best possible performance based upon your computer's specifications. If performance is less than you'd expect, below you will find some suggestions for improving the speed of the simulation:

Note: Please refer to the RealFlight G3 manual for detailed information on improving the performance.

You may require additional RAM for your particular computer. To determine how much system RAM (not video RAM) you have, review the system information found in the technical support display. To do so, click the RealFlight G3 Launcher followed by the Additional Options button. Next, click the Technical Support button. The system RAM will be located in the system information box on the left side of the screen. If you have 128MB or less, you may need to upgrade.

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