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How do I correct online update installation error KEError 24052?

Some RealFlight 8 owners have been unable to download and install online updates successfully due to virus protection that's active during the attempted update. If these symptoms describe your situation, try the solution that follows:

You may not be aware that antivirus software is active on your computer, or will have to look hard to find it. But if one or both of the files mentioned above is missing, it's almost certainly due to antivirus software intervention.

This problem affects users who attempt to update from version 8.00.013 with antivirus software active. (DO NOT follow these steps if you were running a version more recent than 8.00.013 prior to the error.)


  1. Exit all RealFlight software, including the Launcher.
  2. Download this manual 8.00.019 update (50 MB).
  3. Run the downloaded installer and follow the prompts. This will update you to version 8.00.019, which will fix your problem.

Once you've followed these steps and are no longer running version 8.00.013, you should never find yourself in this exact situation again. If antivirus software quarantines the above files in the future, just remove them from quarantine and try the update again. 

Note: If you reinstall RealFlight 8, this problem could reappear. To prevent future occurrences (depending on your level of comfort and technical knowledge), you can either: (1) disable all antivirus software during online updates, or (2) add exceptions for the files/directories above as appropriate.

Unfortunately, we can't provide exact instructions for your specific antivirus software. You may need to refer to its documentation for further assistance.

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