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RF-X Accessories

GPMZ5020 Product and Box Photo

Wireless Interface

Plug the interface into your computer's USB port and you’re instantly ready to link up your SLT radio. Wireless technology makes it easier than ever to learn all the moves you’ll need at the field with the safe, vivid, and fun RealFlight simulator (software available separately). Connect and control effortlessly and wirelessly with the Wireless Interface.

GPMZ5024 Product and Box Photo

Wired Interface

Control all the features, sites, and aircraft of RealFlight with the same radio you take to the field! The Wired Interface allows you to instantly access the simulator (software available separately). Plus, the ever-popular “Reset/Rewind” button is right on the interface so you can replay your victories or reverse your crashes! Get plugged in to the top RC flight sim on the market with the Wired Interface.