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RealFlight Mobile Edition

RealFlight Mobile shown on a 10 inch tablet and a mobile phone

Ready for takeoff when you are

You don't need lessons, an aircraft, or a field to learn how to fly — just RF Mobile and your Apple or Android device. It's the only app based on RealFlight, the best-selling RC flight simulator in the world.

RealFlight Mobile brings the world of flight to you. A world where your plane and the environment respond as they would in real life thanks to realistic physics. RealFlight Mobile makes it easy to learn in a hurry. There's a "help" screen to guide you, and adjustments that allow you to learn at your own pace.

RealFlight Mobile comes with a flying site and two popular RC aircraft already loaded. Additional flying sites and aircraft are available for download.

Free download available!

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play


Screenshot showing Airport and Aircraft Selection
Screenshot showing options to Pick Your Airport (Flight School currently selected) and Pick Your Aircraft (Tempest 280 currently selected). Once selections are made, tap fly to start flying or tap Shop to purchase more airports and aircraft. Help and Settings buttons are displayed in the bottom left corner.

Plus, RealFlight Mobile is the only app that simplifies and speeds setup with:

  • Beginner, Intermediate & Realistic presets
  • Help/About menu shows controls and versions
  • Onscreen "joysticks" for easy control
  • Volume adjustment
  • Two camera modes
    • Keep ground in view
    • Autozoom
  • Controller adjustments
    • Control sensitivity
    • Mode 1-4 selectable
  • Physics adjustments
    • Simulation speed
    • Stall severity
    • Autopilot assist
    • Reset to defaults button
  • Additional aircraft and flying sites available