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Three Reasons You Want RF8!

Learn more about RF8 (Photo shows RF8 Packaging, Installation Disk, and Interlink Controller)

It's Loaded with Benefits!

RF8 incorporates the fan-favorite features that have brought pilots to RealFlight since the beginning and adds some new ones. More FPV Drones, FPV Racing events, challenges, and multiplayer competitions. Plus, it’s compatible with gamepads and joysticks, and offers the incredibly immersive experience Virtual Reality delivers. The full simulator runs on the very same computer you might already run RF7.5 on!

RealFlight Loyalists get Merch for Upgrading!

RealFlight 7, 7.5, Drone, and RF-X owners are instantly eligible for a $20 rebate when they get RealFlight 8—check out our Rebate Page (PDF)—Plus, RF8 is compatible with all previous Interlink controllers so you can get the software-only version (GPMZ4558) for under $100.

It's VR Compatible!

RealFlight 8 is the first RF that is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR goggles. This is a truly groundbreaking step for us and a huge advantage for you. VR puts you in the cockpit or at the field and uses incredible features like head tracking for flights that are as real as being there.

Learn more about RF8!

Buy RF8 Now

Software w/InterLink-X Controller
Software Only


  • Unparalleled physics make RealFlight the #1 RC flight simulator on the market
  • Simple, intuitive interface—zero learning curve, zero hassle
  • Game-like challenges make flight training fun and fully interactive with at least ten levels of complexity
  • Multiplayer combat—challenge the best pilots in the world
  • Fly in detailed fields—day or night—and make them your own with FlexiField
  • More than 140 aircraft.
  • More than 40 flying sites and FlexiField Site Editor
Classic Riley Model B
Drone FPV Race Course
Heli Performing Aerobatic Maneuvers

InterLink-X Features

RealFlight Interlink-X Controller by Tactic
Get the full feel
  • Exclusive Reset/Rewind button for replaying your victories or reversing your crashes
  • Zero wear and tear on your field transmitter
  • Easy control of most simulator functions right from the controller
  • 10-channel capability for effortless control of… everything
  • Built-in sliders help drone pilots zero their cameras in for the best shots