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RealFlight 7.5 Interlink Elite Controller Edition

Interlink Elite Controller and product package

Recreating Every Detail of RC Flight

The InterLink Elite is incredibly realistic and easy to use. It's versatile, too, with digital trims, QuickSelect™ convenience, and 8 channels for full features access with no setup required. The controller is dedicated to RF7.5, so you save wear and tear on your transmitter. Plus, no batteries are required to keep the controller charged and ready. Fly with the InterLink Elite, fly with your transmitter using the built-in interface, or use the interface and InterLink simultaneously with the MultiMode™ feature.



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RealFlight Add-Ons

Reworked RealFlight Add-Ons for use with G4-RF7 are now free downloads! Tech faults stop the older Add-Ons from working with RealFlight versions G4 and later, but, we're giving this content away! The aircraft and airports look more like the G1/G2 versions.

  1. To download a file, right-click on the link and save the file to disk. Choose a location that will be easy to find again.
  2. Locate the file on your disk.
  3. Unzip the file. If you have Windows XP or a later version of Windows, you can just double-click it.
  4. Extract the .zip file's contents to "C:\Program Files\RealFlightG7\Data" or "C:\Program Files\RealFlightG7\Data" (assuming you installed in the default location).
  5. Now run RealFlight (G4 or later version) and the Add-Ons content will be available in the aircraft and airport selection dialogs.