RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

InterLink Elite Edition

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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U.S. Patent #7,010,628
U.S. Patent #6,482,804

Tactic Tx-R Edition | Transmitter Interface Edition | Upgrade to RF7

InterLink Elite Controller by Futaba

The InterLink Elite is incredibly versatile, realistic and easy to use. Manufactured by Futaba, it offers digital trims, QuickSelect convenience that eliminates the mouse and keyboard for software functions — and with 8 channels at your disposal you have direct access to all RealFlight features, with no setup required. Because the controller is dedicated to RF7, you save wear and tear on your transmitter...and no batteries are required to keep the controller charged and ready. Fly with the InterLink Elite, fly with your transmitter using the built-in interface, or use the interface and InterLink simultaneously with the MultiMode feature.

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life



Push the Reset button to instantly fly again; hold down on the Reset button
to rewind to any point of your last flight for a do-over.

Rotary Knob

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life


Control all basic software functions right from the controller — without a mouse or keyboard.

Interface Port

With MultiMode you and a friend can fly simultaneously using the InterLink Elite's built-in interface.

Digital Trims
A full-feature controller manufactured by Futaba

Functions such as digital trims give the InterLink Elite controller the look and feel of a real radio transmitter.

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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