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Expansion Pack 7

With Expansion Pack 7, you’ll enjoy the richest variety of flying experiences that money can buy. ElectriFly® ARFs offer you choices that range from the vintage Nieuport and outrageous VFO™ to the 100 mph Rifle™! You can fly 3D with the AJ Slick, precision with the 94” span Aeroworks™ Ultimate 20-300 ARF and spy missions with the legendary SR-71 Blackbird. Try out Curtis Youngblood’s Rave 450, the tiny, Novus™ 125 RTF, the all-foam Paper Airplane — and you’ll still have eight aircraft adventures ahead. As always, the flight performance is unsurpassed…and some airplanes not only feature detailed cockpits, but moving controls as well.

In addition to 17 aircraft, there are also three new flying sites to explore. On the Alaska Float Fly site, you can marvel at natural wonders reproduced in crisp, PhotoField™ detail. Go to the 3D Area 81 Obstacle Course, and you can test your flying skills. Go to the single-player 3D Barnyard Shooting Gallery, and you can practice your marksmanship for fun…or the next G5 combat event.

Expansion Pack 7 packs infinite possibilities on a single disk, and presents them on "The most realistic recreation of R/C Flight ever™”: Great Planes RealFlight!

Includes 13 New Airplanes

Aero Shrike Commander
Aeroworks™ Ultimate 20-300
ElectriFly® Evader™ EDF
ElectriFly Extra 330SC
ElectriFly Nieuport XI
ElectriFly Rifle™*
ElectriFly Silhouette™ 3D
Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird
Multiplex® FunJET
Multiplex Merlin
Paper Airplane
3D Hobby Shop AJ Slick*

3 New Rotary Wings

Curtis Youngblood Rave 450
Heli-Max® Novus™ 125 CP
Heli-Max Novus 125 FP

3 New Flying Sites

3D Area 81 Obstacle Course
3D Barnyard Shooting Gallery
PhotoField™ Alaska Float Fly

and 1 VFO™

ElectriFly VFO™

*Included in the RF7 software.

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

Requires: RealFlight G5 or later version. Not compatible with RealFlight Drone.

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RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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