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18 new ways to make your next flight more fun!

Expansion Pack 6

Every opportunity for adventure is inside. All you have to do is seize one. They stretch from a tiny, 7.5" span indoor flyer to the Convair Sea Dart – the only seaplane ever to break the sound barrier. Power options range from electric nano helis to glow- or electric-sport planes to gas-powered giants. And aircraft choices include all of the above, plus a .90 glow heli, the world's first jet fighter, a delta-winged "bullet" and a rotary wing fighter with gear-mounted cannon.

There are 18 aircraft choices in all, plus three new flying sites. You can fly the 3D Water Park/Obstacle Course by day or night or explore the Silverton Prairie or Jefferson Airstrip PhotoField sites.

And with the aircraft choices and flying sites included in Expansion Pack 6, you also get two incredible bonuses. The first is a free upgrade to G4.5 for G4 owners. The second is access to all 24 flying sites and all 70 aircraft choices originally included on RealFlight Add-Ons Volumes 1-5!

It's the most value-packed Expansion Pack to date – and a natural companion to "The most realistic recreation of R/C flight ever™" – Great Planes RealFlight!

Includes 12 New Airplanes

AirfoilZ Extra 260 Hybrid
Convair F2Y Sea Dart
ElectriFly® Matt Chapman Eagle 580
ElectriFly Seawind® EP Seaplane
ElectriFly Sequence™
Great Planes® Escapade™
Great Planes Reactor™ 3D
Great Planes Zlin Akrobat
Messerschmitt ME262*
Plantraco Butterfly Living Room Flyer
Marston Pteroworks 52" Pterodactyl
RiteWingRC Demon 40

5 New Rotary Wings

A-19 Buzzard
Heli-Max Axe™ CX Micro
Heli-Max Novus™ CP Nano
RJX Hobby Xtreme 90
Skyartec Wasp 200XE V4

3 New Flying Sites

PhotoField™ Jefferson Airstrip
PhotoField Silverton Prairie
3D Water Park/Obstacle Course 7

and 1 Aerostat

Steamatic Aerostat

*Included in the RF7 software.

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

Requires: RealFlight G4 or later version.

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RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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