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Expansion Pack 4

RealFlight adds to the number of reasons why it’s R/C’s #1 flight simulator! Expansion Pack 4 software brings you 16 exciting aircraft and 4 amazingly realistic virtual flying sites.

Enjoy a leisurely flight in the Upstar powered sailplane. Master intricate aerial maneuvers with the Great Planes Giant Yak-54 airplane. Or put yourself in the cockpit of the legendary B-25 Mitchell bomber while you complete military missions.

No matter which model you choose, you can be sure that RealPhysics™ technology will have it responding just as it would in real life. And the detail of the aircraft is matched by the flying sites — from the "living” scenery of the 3D fields to the cutting-edge resolution of the PhotoField sites. It’s the closest you can get to real R/C flying on your computer!

Includes 12 New Airplanes

B-25 Mitchell*
deHavilland Mosquito
MiG 15
Headwind B
Python Biplane
Hughes H1 Racer
Stits Sky Baby
Tiger 2
Spitfire .25

4 New Helis

MX450 XS
Robinson R22
Mini Titan
CH-46 Sea Knight Micro

4 New Flying Sites

Tarmac (full scale airport) - PhotoField
College Park - PhotoField
Kemp R/C Field - 3D
Obstacle Course 5 - 3D

*Included in the RF7 software.

RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

Requires: RealFlight G3 or later version.

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RealFlight R/C Flight Sim True to Life

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